Linelle Destiny Book Series #6-10 Plus Annual Membership

By April 3, 2018

This bundle includes the Linelle Destiny Series books #6-10.

You are definitely fairing on well with the Linelle Destiny Book series. Book #6, Destiny’s Big News, Destiny has a spiritual vision like no other. Will she share the big news with the world?  Book 7, Destiny’s Frenemies , speaks of the opposite of what friendship should be like. Wendy, Destiny’s friend ends up showing her true colors and this marks the last straw in their friendship. Destiny realizes that maybe she just doesn’t have any friends. Who do they think they’re fooling? In book #8, Destiny’s Big Chance , Destiny gets to prove that she’s a leader to her friends. However, she gets an opportunity to move to another city. Will she take it or let it pass? Book #9, Destiny’s Optic Illusion, speaks of how Destiny realizes that she’s  living a lie. Her way of life isn’t exactly the same as she sees it in her spiritual visions. How will she come out of this true lie? In book #10, Destiny’s Revelations, Destiny finds out the truth about everything and everybody. She is disappointed in herself and others, can she manage forgiving? Only time will tell.