Linelle Destiny Book Series #1-5 Plus Annual Membership

By April 3, 2018

This bundle includes the Linelle Destiny Series books #1-5.

Destiny’s Big Idea introduces us to Destiny’s Big Idea that strikes her while on her notebook journaling, it was a spiritual vision that would change her life and others forever. She keeps the vision to herself. She is  faced with the dilemma of spilling the beans to her friends, will she make the Big Decision? Linelle Destiny #3 Destiny’s in Love shares Destiny’s love experience. She goes through ups and downs, has her fair share in the love department and learns that one important thing about love, that it conquers all. Linelle Destiny #4 Destiny’s Courage shares how Linelle Destiny has been all smiles ever since she got her teaching degree until she finds out that she may not have a teaching job for a reason that is out of her control. At the end of the day, she decides to leave everything behind and walks away. Is this the end or a new beginning? Time will tell. Linelle Destiny #5 Big Move is about Destiny’s family helping her pack up the moving truck for the big move.